diumenge, de juny 22, 2008

New Site

We're back at www.kellyandaustin.com!

dijous, de setembre 20, 2007


It's been forever so here are the updates.

◘ I'm back to work and it feels wonderful to be on a schedule. It seems like I have great students so far and I have some interesting projects going on besides the teaching.

◘ I've been making tons of pesto and freezing it so we can enjoy some delicious green basil-y flavor in the dead of winter. Plus basil is wonderful and cheap at the farmers market since our crop sucked this year.


◘ Speaking of the farmers market, I'm addicted. I've been buying amazing veggies and gorgeous flowers. I think this year I will have to check out this winter farmers market, something I didn't do last winter.

farmers market bounty


◘ I've been reading lots. For fun. Don't ask what, it's embarrassing.

◘ Even though the herb garden didn't fare so well, the African violets are looking good.

african violets

◘ I stood up in my cousin's wedding. It was gorgeous up on the North Shore, we ate well, had good wine, and danced a lot.

The Ladies

◘ I've had good coffee/tea and conversation with some friends recently.

◘ I finally got the nerve to introduce myself to this cool old lady I always see at the grocery store. She wears all purple every day and wears huge, round glasses with violet-tinted lenses. Her name is Norma and she appreciated my compliments of her outstanding fashion sense.

And here's what I'm looking forward to:

◘ Seeing some friends this weekend that we don't see as often as we'd like.

◘ Cooking and/or drinking wine with said friends.

◘ Going on an early fall scenic drive with Austin.

◘ More reading for fun.

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dissabte, de setembre 15, 2007

Congratulations, Lisa and Maury!

hooperwedding 337

diumenge, d’agost 26, 2007

Farmers Market

We went to the Farmers Market on Saturday to pick up some things for dinner. We didn't know what we were going to make; we just let the market inspire us. It was perfect weather and with so many things being in season, the colors were beautiful.

A rainbow of peppers.

Rainbow of peppers

Organic, red tomatoes.


We bought red potatoes here.


Dessert? We sampled several truffles including wasabi-black sesame and ginger lime.


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diumenge, d’agost 19, 2007


On Friday night, we were off to my cousin Lisa's bachelorette party downtown St. Paul. We stayed at the Hilton and had dinner at Pazzaluna; Kacie, Angie, and I shared a bruschetta appetizer, tomato-basil gnocchi, and pasta a la caprese. Some alleged former NHL players sent over lots of wine and we liked the house red although I didn't pay attention to the details. Then we were off to some bars and Lisa had a good time so our mission was accomplished.

I hadn't been sleeping well before the late night on Friday so when I got home on Saturday, I just laid around reading and relaxing. It was cool and rainy so lots of tea was in order. I went to bed at 9:00 and got up at 8:00; I knew I was tired but I couldn't believe that I slept in so late. I think it must have been because it was grey out and the sun wasn't beating in on me.

Now I'm feeling great and Austin and I are going to do some book shopping and run a few errands. Tonight, we're going to a "bon voyage" party in honor of one of my colleagues who is going to the Ukraine on a Fulbright teaching award. Monday my contract starts and life will feel normal again.

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What's the Story, Morning Glory?

I grew some morning glories from seed and threw an old tomato cage on the pot so they could climb something. Every morning, I check to see how many flowers opened cuz I'm dorky that way. Simple pleasures...

morningglories 010

morningglories 011

morningglories 005

morningglories 003

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dimecres, d’agost 15, 2007

More Bullet Blogging

I've been behind on blogging so the only solution is more bullet points to bring me up to speed. I kind of like posting that way, maybe that's why I am enjoying my new Twitter account thingie. Anyway, here's the latest in random order.

Stuff That's Happened

◘ I finished my little summer stint at The Office.

◘ I visited with my sister and lots of other fam.

◘ I've gone on lots of walks in the company of my little shuffle or my friends.

◘ I had lunch with Sharon on Grand Avenue.

◘ I've gone to campus several times to work on random stuff. I'll be officially under contract next Monday so I'm enjoying the last days of unscheduled time.

◘ I made my friends Cath and Siena a tortilla for lunch and Catherine shared French Granny's secret dessert recipe with me. Puff pastry and fresh berries, mmm!
French Granny berry dessert

Stuff That's Coming Up

◘ My cousin's bachelorette party downtown St. Paul. Anyone been to Pazzaluna?

◘ Fall Semester

◘ My cousins' weddings (note the apostrophe s- two cousins are getting married two consecutive weekends in the Duluth area).

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dimecres, d’agost 08, 2007

GREat- It's done

I took the GRE today and got that out of the way, whew! Now I need to start writing some really brilliant statements of purpose.

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