dijous, de setembre 20, 2007


It's been forever so here are the updates.

◘ I'm back to work and it feels wonderful to be on a schedule. It seems like I have great students so far and I have some interesting projects going on besides the teaching.

◘ I've been making tons of pesto and freezing it so we can enjoy some delicious green basil-y flavor in the dead of winter. Plus basil is wonderful and cheap at the farmers market since our crop sucked this year.


◘ Speaking of the farmers market, I'm addicted. I've been buying amazing veggies and gorgeous flowers. I think this year I will have to check out this winter farmers market, something I didn't do last winter.

farmers market bounty


◘ I've been reading lots. For fun. Don't ask what, it's embarrassing.

◘ Even though the herb garden didn't fare so well, the African violets are looking good.

african violets

◘ I stood up in my cousin's wedding. It was gorgeous up on the North Shore, we ate well, had good wine, and danced a lot.

The Ladies

◘ I've had good coffee/tea and conversation with some friends recently.

◘ I finally got the nerve to introduce myself to this cool old lady I always see at the grocery store. She wears all purple every day and wears huge, round glasses with violet-tinted lenses. Her name is Norma and she appreciated my compliments of her outstanding fashion sense.

And here's what I'm looking forward to:

◘ Seeing some friends this weekend that we don't see as often as we'd like.

◘ Cooking and/or drinking wine with said friends.

◘ Going on an early fall scenic drive with Austin.

◘ More reading for fun.

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At 7:19 p. m., de novembre 19, 2007, Blogger takenob said...

What are the books you've been reading for fun? Chick lit? He he. Happy Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see your food pix from the feast (if you're having one).

At 8:07 p. m., de novembre 21, 2007, Blogger Bad Z said...

Maybe you can post some pics of thanksgiving on the ol' blog?


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